Mazama Science is a consulting group that brings together a wide variety of experience in support of web-based access to scientific data and information. We believe the world will be a better place when rich datasets and vetted analyses are easily available through your browser and we are working hard to make that happen.

Our areas of particular expertise include:

  • data management
  • statistical analysis
  • data visualization
  • user interface design
  • web-based databrowsers

At Mazama Science we work closely with clients to extract the most from their hard-won data. We blend long experience in science with mastery of the latest software technologies to work through data management & analysis issues and make large, high-value datasets more accessible with intuitive, interactive, databrowsers.

In our experience, people enjoy looking at informative scientific graphics if the barrier to creating them is low. When this happens, our species' extraordinary capabilities as pattern recognizers enable us to convert what we see in good scientific graphics into a deeper understanding.

Through careful design of every step of the process going from raw data to visualization to web-based databrowsers we help people interact with their data in new ways.

Data - Information - Knowledge.