About Us

Mazama Science was founded in 2007 to bring modern approaches to data management, data visualization and data access to a wide range of fields from environmental and climate science to resource management to medicine.

Our goal:

To make scientific data more engaging for more people.

Jonathan Callahan

Jonathan Callahan — President


Jonathan Callahan received his Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry from the University of Washington in 1993.

After two years as a post-doc in a magnetic resonance imaging laboratory, Jonathan joined NOAA's Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory to work on analysis and visualization software for oceanographic climate and model data.

Since 2007 Jonathan has worked as an independent consultant for NOAA, NASA, the US EPA, the US Forest Service, and other organizations. His areas of expertise include: data management; data visualization; statistical analysis using R; user interface design; information architecture.

Jonathan writes occasional articles on data management at Working With Data.

Leska Fore

Leska Fore — Vice President

Curriculum Vitae

Leska Fore received her M.S. in Quantitative Ecology from the University of Washington in 1991.

Since 1991 Leska has provided statistical consulting services to various local, tribal, state and federal agencies through her company: Statistical Design. Her areas of expertise include: experimental design; statistical analysis; development of biological indicators for monitoring under the Clean Water Act.